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Boogie Bands and One Night Stands Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 25-May-2017 3:51:59 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nikki's charade shows its cracks; Hilary plots the ultimate revenge; Jack rattles Phyllis with a prediction about Billy.

Juliet has summoned Cane to B & S for an emergency. When Cane figures out it's not about the hockey deal, he is resentful for the time away from his family. Juliet tells him that Hilary found out about their ONS.

Jack and Phyllis are sparring and Phyllis reveals Billy is watching his kids. She says Jack shouldn't kick him when he's down. Jack says she will get to the point where she dumps him just like Vic.

Reed comes home in a huff and runs into Billy. Billy tells him he and Vic aren't getting back together but it's cool with them. Reed complains about Zoey being with a bone-head jock. He also reveals that Kendall set him up to see it.

Said jock(Charlie) arrives home and tangles with Lily and Matty. The doorbell rings and Hilary arrives.

Hilary is looking at the footage of Juliet's confession. Mariah and Devon come in and Mariah leaves to get the tape of the interview ready. Hilary offers to deliver it but then switches it with the Juliet interview before taking it to Lily. She taunts Lily about the tape and tells her to screen it first. Lily gets ready to put the tape in and is distracted. Cane comes home and Charlie starts telling them about his run in with the emo rock singer(Reed) and how Zoey didn't tell him she had a boyfriend. Matty talks about cheaters and Cane tells to get dinner ready.

Tessa and Nikki are discussing her music selection for the concert and persuades Nikki to be more hopeful. Jack enters and Tessa leaves. They talk about Dina and her relationship with Victor.

Noah and Mariah are talking about Tessa at the UG when Tessa comes in. Noah leaves and the women talk. Mariah turns the talk about her messed up past including being in a cult. She tells Tessa to trust people who really care for her. Tessa says she won't leave town without telling anyone. Noah approaches and ask if she can sing now. When she finishes, everyone congratulates her and Devon offers her a contract. She says she needs time to think about it.

Phyllis who can't have Billy out of her sight for two second, arrives at Vic's house and they discuss things. He kisses her before she leaves and Reed sees them. Reed's mad and Billy says Vic should have told him. He says they're divorced and he's single. Reed says he's glad Billy's Katie and Johnny's father and not his.

Phyllis arrives as Nikki and Jack hug goodbye.

Cane and Lily discuss the tape which Hilary dropped up. When Cane realizes Hilary dropped it off, he diverts Lily to the bedroom.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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