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The Nuclear Option Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 30-May-2017 3:10:45 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack pushes Phyllis's buttons; Chloe resurfaces; Chelsea's world is turned upside down.

We open with Victor and Chloe's doctor on the phone. Victor says that it's time for the nuclear option. Meanwhile, Chelsea is telling Nick that she noticed a sketch of Chloe's wedding dress on the doc's pad. She wants to go back; Nick throws brakes on the idea. Doctor Harris wants Chloe to take some pills. She pretends to swallow them but later holds scissors over him that looks like she's going to stab him. She changes her mind.

Jack taunts Phyllis about Billy being fired from Brash and Sassy; Phyllis tells him Billy is still there. Jack says that's good ironically. He continues to rub it in about Vic saving Billy despite botching the hockey account. Phyllis says Victoria managed to save it. They then talk about Dina and Phyllis tells him she saw him with Nikki and it looked like more than friendship.

Abby and Ash are dining and Abby thinks her mother seems out of sorts. They talk about Dina who pops up with her "assistant." Ashley invites her to dinner. She agrees and is very pleased. Phyllis runs into Dina and introduces herself to her. Dina acknowledges that she was married to Jack. Phyllis claims those were some of the happiest days of her life. Dina asks if that was the case, why did she cheat on him. Phyllis says she doesn't have room to talk. Dina says she's a hypocrite-at least she didn't turn to John's friend or a family member.

Sharon and Scott meet up at Crimson Lights. Kevin comes in and asks about them and they say they're dating. Kevin is happy for them. Talk turns to Bella and how she misses her mother. Scott says he knows something on that front: TGVN is looking for her. Kevin hopes no one finds her since she'll either be in jail or in a mental ward.

Nick calls Dr. Harris and tells him that "his wife" saw something there and is threatening to go to the police. Dr. Harris agrees to come to the hotel. He tells an anxious Chloe he promised to protect her and he will.

Ashley returns to work and talks to Ravi who is excited about their projections. Ashley said she took his advice and invited her to dinner. Ravi is surprised. Jack enters and Ashley reveals there mother is coming. Ashley says Traci will also be there. Yay! Jack wonders why she changed her mind. She says it was for Abby and Traci.

Victor tells Nikki that Nick and Chelsea are working together to find Chloe. Nikki is panicked that Nick will tell Chelsea the truth. Dr. H arrives to see Nick and only Nick is there. He is concerned about why she isn't there since she's the one who needed reassuring. Nick says he's Victor's son so he knows about the scam and wants to know if Chloe is at his house. In the meantime, Chelsea arrives at his house. Nick calls Victor and tells him it's all over. The doctor is leading them to Chloe. Chelsea enters the house and finds Chloe on the floor surrounded by pills.

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