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Monday, "The Funeral is today!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 05-Jun-2017 1:20:38 PM PDT
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WTH are you doing here? Kevin

Well, today it was classic soap opera drama for someone to crash a funeral. Today, it was Chelsea and Nick. Then we end with Kevin yelling at them for hunting Chloe down, and blaming Nick for her death. Agree/Disagree? Was Chick out of line showing up? Or should have Chelsea listen to Nick and showed respect by not appearing? Or did she make the funeral all about herself?
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was great for you! I am on vacation this week from work, which is really nice! So let's start our first week of June of new Y&R.
Monday recap here [link]
Good news and bad news for Brass and Sassy today. First the good News, that hockey league wants to do more promotions with the company. Lily is thrilled that she will doing another commercial. Bad news is that Juliet, will be suing B&S for sexual harrassment. What do you think about that?

Were anvils falling today that Kevin will leave town with Bella, in the future, to get over Chloe's death?

I was glad to see Corbin Bersen back as Father Todd today. Good scenes when Paul and him discussed how mental illness with their sister, Patty, has affected their family. Paul thought that part of Kevin died with Chloe. Agree/Disagree? Did you enjoy their scenes together as well?

It was wonderful that Father Todd was officianting the funeral. I felt for poor Esther when she said, " Burying your child. No parent should have to do that" Too many parents on Y&R have done that. It was disappointing that we didn't see Kevin break the bad news to Esther. What are your thoughts on the Gloria/Kevin/Esther scenes as they mourned Chloe together?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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