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The Twist That Wasn't Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 06-Jun-2017 7:26:22 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick and Chelsea's plan backfires; Reed flirts with Mattie; Kevin loses his cool.

We open today with Kevin yelling at Nick and Chelsea for attending Chloe's funeral. He asks if they're there to see if she's really in the coffin.

Meanwhile, Vic is exploding about Juliet filing a sexual harassment suit. Billy says he just saw her and she didn't seem at all upset. They both agree it's because she wants money and Vic says she's obviously a liar. She tells Billy he's not named.

Mattie and Reed are at separate tables at the park flirting. Back at Brash and Sassy, Vic gets a call from Lily's agent about loosening her contract and puts him off. Cane and Lily enter and she says she needs to talk to them. She says Lily's agent called and Lily said she didn't ask for that and knocks the information on the suit onto the floor. Lily says she'll call the agent. She leaves and Vic asks Cane to stay and shows him the charges from Juliet.

Father Todd interrupts Kevin and says it doesn't honor the deceased to be yelling and reminds them that Bella is there. Chelsea and Nick leave. Father Todd delivers words of comfort and then speaks and extols Chloe. He says she's with Delia now.

Lily and Juliet meet and Juliet seems rather uncertain about the case but Hilary keeps egging her on.

Mattie and Reed join each other at one table. Reed says if she's not busy, he's playing at Open Mic night and would like her to come. She doesn't think so. Later after Mattie leaves, Reed runs into Billy and tells him about Mattie but thinks he scared her off.

Chelsea and Nick stop at Crimson Lights and Chelsea wonders if he's mad at her about the funeral and Nick says no. They make plans to get the boys together later in the day.

Mattie and Lily are talking at home and Mattie says she would like to go to the club. Lily tries to quiz her about whether a boy will be there and Lily says she just wants to hang and leave.

Nick and Chelsea meet with Connor and Christian. Christian is wearing an awfully cute shirt. Connor is way too quiet.

At the church, Kevin takes Bella to the front by the coffin to say goodbye to Chloe. She leaves a bear on top of the coffin.

Billy runs into Juliet at Crimson Lights and tells Juliet she doesn't have a sexual harassment claim. She agrees it was not him. Then who, he wonders. In the meantime, Victoria tells Cane is the subject of the suit.

After the guests leave, Kevin says goodbye to Chloe at the front of the church. As he talks to her, the coffin lid opens and he faints.

So is anyone surprised Chloe is alive?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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