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Moving in Day Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 13-Jun-2017 6:41:16 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack makes Dina an offer; Chloe fights back; Billy and Phyllis take a big step in their relationship.

We open today with Kevin arguing with Dr. Harris about his partner. He says Harris couldn't have done all this without a partner. He doesn't admit it and Kevin says he won't allow Chloe to be locked up. Later when Chloe and Dr. Harris are alone he says she can't leave or there's no telling what Victor will do. Chloe says not to tell him. He says she needs treatment and she agrees to it if Kevin moves in. He says no and he has to call Victor. Chloe pulls a gun on him. They agree to stay and Chloe wants Bella there too. Dr. Harris leaves to pick up mail supposedly but calls Victor and tells him everything is OK.

Victor tells Abby that Dina is staying. Ashley tells Jack. Abby tells Victor she and Ashley both have great fathers. Bleah!

Lily is talking to Neil and ranting about Juliet telling lies after Cane got her the job. Neil asks if Lily believes him. She says she does but it appears she has some doubts. Neil tells her she should trust her husband and her own feelings.

Cane, Michael and Vic are also discussing the case. Cane says it's all lies. Michael says they'd have to have some proof.

Billy moves into Phyllis's place and there isn't room for everything he brings. She pulls out wine. Wish I had would be easier to watch if I had some. Later Billy discovers a message from Michael and leaves to discuss the case.

Cane and Vic are talking and she says he's a decent person and puts her hand on his arm. Billy comes in and sees it. Later Cane and Billy argue about the case.

Leslie meets with Hilary about the case. Leslie says if she knows anything about the case, now is the time to tell her. Hilary says Juliet needs someone in her corner. She is really pleased with herself. Phyllis wonders what has her so stoked. Hilary claims a deal went well. Phyllis tells her they're living together. Hilary blabs about the sexual harassment suit.

Graham and Dina discuss her staying. He says Ashley isn't warm toward her and Jack isn't much better. Jack arrives. Jack wants to talk to Dina privately and Graham leaves. Jack invites her to move home. Graham returns and she says for now, they leave things as they are.

Ashley and Ravi meet at work. They discuss Dina. She says she senses Graham has some sort of control. Ravi suggests they investigate him and opens his laptop. Ashley doesn't know his last name so they check on the Mergeron website.

Billy and Vic are alone in the office. He says he moved in with Phyllis. He says it doesn't change anything with them. She asks not to have the kids stay with them.

Michael and Leslie are in the judge's chambers. Michael says Cane wasn't in a position to offer her a job and at the time the incident occurred she was a temporary employee. The judge says he'll decide by the next day. Michael is confident.

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