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Monday, "Come on, Gloria. I know you're sleeping with him!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 19-Jun-2017 8:20:20 PM PDT
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Don't get your knickers all in a hissy fit. Dina.

LOL. It was a priceless look on her Gloria's face, when Dina busted her and Jack. But thank goodness, that awful off screen affair is over. Did you enjoy the scenes between the two ladies? And was Gloria right that Jack is jealous that Graham has Dina's love and approval that he wants?

Welcome back from the weekend! Time to start our new of Y&R!
Monday recap [link]
It was a cat and mouse game with Ashley and Graham. He knew that she was playing nice with him, to squeeze information. Even Dina saw a spark between those two. Would you like those paired together? Or should the man not be trusted? Do you believe, he gave Ashley his real last name, "Bloodworth" Is he after Dina's money?

Kudos to Jordan, who saw through Hilary's BS. Great moment as he kicked her the curb today. But then a foolish Devon seems to getting sucked back in Hilary's world as fell for her act and got sucked back in, as he comforted her. Ugh. Is the show heading toward a reunion with those two? I sure hope not.

Cane and Lily are certainly right that Hilary does enjoy destroying them. But Cane is helping by not being honest with Lily. I am still not sure if Juliet really slept with him or she made him think he did. I always thought that he was too drunk to do anything, especially sex. However, it was good that Lane told the twins about the sexual harrassment suit before they found out online. But will everything be okay in the future, as Cane reassured his son? Or will things get worse?

And we are back to Phyllis being pathetically jealous and insecure of Victoria once again. She even told Michael that these days Victoria is more like Victor, than Victor. Agree/Disagree? Or is that just her jealously speaking?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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