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The Case Begins Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 20-Jun-2017 6:53:18 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victor pits Abby against Scott; Jack offers Gloria an intriguing assignment; Nikki's behavior troubles Sharon.

We open with Victoria and Billy meeting to discuss the upcoming testimony. Billy worries that his feelings about Cane will show through. Billy thinks Cane will cause problems for himself. Vic wants to go after Juliet since she figures she was more than fair. Meanwhile Michael and Cane meet about his testimony. Michael wonders when Lily will be there. Cane says she's not coming. Lily comes in and agrees with Michael.

Dina appears miffed about Graham meeting with Ashley. He says her children are trying to find information about her. She says she needs to know she can count on him. He says she can. He leaves and calls someone about her will. She doesn't want to change anything from what she had in Paris according to Graham.

Jack and Ashley are discussing her trying to seduce Graham and Ashley is aghast. Ashley doesn't think it would work-will just make Dina jealous. Jack says he knows how it will work without her. Ravi has been doing research on Graham-he did some acting and has some experience. Jack asks Gloria to seduce Graham. She can't decide whether to kiss him or slap him. Gloria turns him down.

Victor makes Abby and Scott sell tickets for Nikki's concert. They protest but he won't hear of it. Abby offers a bet to Scott-the loser needs to buy the winner coffee for a week. Abby of course outsells Scott and he surmises she just flattered and flirted with some old guys.

Nikki is practicing playing and runs into problems; she goes to pick up a liquor bottle. Sharon enters looking for Faith's sweater. She finds it and asks Nikki how she's doing. Nikki mentions pressures. Sharon says she was picking up the bottle when she arrived. Nikki says she's so nervous...Sharon says she performed on a pole in front of crowds. Nikki bristles at the questions but Sharon says she's concerned. Also notices Nick seems upset about something. Victor calls during their visit and tells her they're selling tickets. Nikki says she likes playing for fun and this puts pressure on her. Sharon says just to approach it as fun. Nikki says Sharon might be pretty good at counseling and she wants to get back to practicing. Later Nikki has MS symptoms and ends up on the floor weeping.

Michael gives the Brash and Sassy team pointers on how to act for the deposition. He says the important thing is not to lie. Leslie arrives with Juliet. Leslie objects to all the attendees-thinks it will intimidate Juliet. Juliet says they can stay.

A deposition is done on Vic. Questions about the Tokyo deal and about Vic offering her a position in GC. She asks if Vic is sure that Cane didn't use his position to coerce Juliet into a sexual relationship. Vic goes off on Juliet while Michael tries to stop her.

Sharon approaches Abby and Scott in the park. Abby gives her coffee order and leaves to take a phone call. Sharon tells Scott when Victor gets involved he makes things harder for everyone.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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