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When Love and Money are Involved Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 22-Jun-2017 4:07:24 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick and Phyllis discuss their past; Jordan sees a new side of Hilary; Lily is faced with a tough decision.

Phyllis runs into Nick-she is reading about the lawsuit for sexual harassment-Nick assumes Billy is accused. This sets Phyllis off who says it's Cane. Nick is surprised and Phyllis says it's going to hurt the whole company. Phyllis is whining about all the pressures on Billy; Nick says being responsible for his kids is the not going beyond and above. He says she's threatened by Vic that Billy will bounce back and forth between them just like he did between her and Sharon. Bingo! She tells him to worry about his own relationship-does he see a future with Chelsea.

Cane follows Lily outside of the deposition and wants to know exactly what's going on. He explains what he remembers and Lily says he lied. Lily says she was upfront with him. Cane gets a call and has to leave.

Jordan visits Chelsea and tells her about the lawsuit and Hilary's role in it. Chelsea notes he seems protective of Lily. He asks about her impression of Hilary and she says her job comes first. He says he was hoping for a future with Hil but doesn't know. Nick knocks on the door and comes in. He leaves and she tells Nick they go way back. She was pulling cons and he photographed people in compromising positions. They were never involved. Nick has a gift for her.

Jack talks to Dina who is defending Graham who she calls part of her family. Jack says her real family is now here. Dina says she's not some lonely old woman being taken advantage of by Graham-she knows exactly what the "relationship" which she corrects to "arrangement" is. Jack wonders what she means by arrangement. She says won't abandon him. She wonders if he is worried about his inheritance. He says all of her children don't need her money and he doesn't want her taken advantage of. At that point Graham enters. Graham has some papers from the lawyer to sign. They leave. Jack makes a call to Michael and says he needs to see him right away. He wants to do something about Graham. Michael says his hands are tied and to be careful as love and money are involved.

Michael, Billy and Vic are discussing Cane's testimony. Billy says Cane is a liar. Vic says she needs to talk to Cane.

Phyllis and Billy meet and discuss the case. Billy wants Vic to cut Cane loose. He thanks her for listening to his drama. He says she's his number one girl. Bleah!

Cane and Vic meet and she is furious. She asks if there's anything he wants to tell her about that night because she's giving him one more chance. He says there was no harassment and she believes him. She is not giving up.

Graham is putting down Jack to Dina and she is defending him. He says none of her children will make the commitment he has to her. Weasel!

Jordan and Lily are talking. He is outraged about what happened. He says if he were Cane he'd never spend a night with another woman. He wonders if she'll stand by Cane.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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