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Jill and Colin Return Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 27-Jun-2017 8:32:18 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jill returns home to an unpleasant surprise; Colin steps up to help Cane; Lily faces off with Juliet.

Billy and Jill meet in the parking lot. Phyllis gets out of the car and Jill is aghast....hopes Billy picked her up on the side of the road. She finds out they are together and is upset he's not with Victoria. Later she talks to Billy about it again and Billy says Vic kept putting up roadblocks. Vic comes in and they talk about the case. Jill is sure Juliet is lying and laughs at the idea. Jill tells her to pay Juliet it off but Vic won't back down.

Nick and Chelsea have spent the night together and exchange ILY's. Vic calls. Chelsea leaves as she arrives. Vic says Victor is going bonkers about Nikki being gone and wants to know if she knows where Nikki went. Neither of them do. Vic says this is a bad time for her as she found out Cane has been lying to her.

Chelsea is on her way to see Lauren when she gets a call she is delayed. Phyllis is there and tells Chelsea to give her a sales pitch. She wants to design a fashion line especially for Fenmore's. Phyllis is interested. Later they talk to Jack too. Phyllis accuses him of trying to run things. He shows her out. He calls Nikki but doesn't reach her. Later Nick comes to see her to see if he knows where Nikki is.

Cane and Colin discuss the lawsuit. Colin asks if there's a shred of truth. Cane talks about what happened and says this will all drag him down.

Neil and Jack meet in the AC and talk about Nikki and about Graham. Neil says he's checked stuff out and there's nothing there. Jack says there's something up there.

Jordan and Lily meet in the park and he says he'll respect her decision about Cane. Billy comes and tells Lily about Jill's interference. She laughs and Jordan gets some good photos.

Jill stops to see Phyllis on her way out of Brash and Sassy. She wants to know what Phyllis intends for Billy. She brings up her affairs with Ronan while married to Nick and Billy while married to Jack. Phyllis points out that she had an affair with Jack while being married to John. Jill says she learned from her mistakes unlike Phyllis. And Billy will go back to Vic. Phyllis acts like she's confident.

Lily and Jordan are discussing the successful photo shoot when Juliet comes in and says she wants to tell her the truth. Juliet says she didn't want to hurt her. Lily says if she's so desperate for money, she'll give her some and proceeds to throw some at her. Juliet faints. Uh oh!

Question here...I was under the impression that Cane really didn't remember what happened with Juliet and now it's sounding like he did. What gives?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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