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Suit Up! Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 28-Jun-2017 4:24:57 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack targets Brash & Sassy; Jordan confides in Chelsea; Billy tries to help Victoria.

Billy, Cane, and Vic are arguing in her office about the suit. Cane gets mad at Billy's attacks and leaves to work at home.

Lily and Jordan are in the hospital awaiting news on Juliet.

Jack and Jill enter the AC and Jack asks how long she's staying. She says she's just here for her three month checkup. She says she was expecting Jack would be back with Phyllis. He said you weren't expecting it-you were hoping it. Jill mentions the sexual harassment suit and Jack's ears perk up.

Phyllis comes into the B & S office to bird dog Billy. Says she is there about Jill's visit. She wants them to get away. Billy says he's too busy-it's not a good time.

Cane arrives home and gets a call from Lily: Juliet has collapsed and they're at the hospital. He leaves right away. When he joins them, he asks what happened. Lily fills him in. Jordan leaves. Jill comes in and Cane assumes she's heard about the Juliet situation. She's there for her appointment but wonders how he could have done it. Lily sticks up for Cane. Jill's doctor comes to get her and she tells Cane not to take Lily for granted.

Billy and Vic are talking about the lawsuit and she says she has deeper pockets than Juliet and will last her out.

Jack comes to see Vic and tells her he knows about the sexual harassment lawsuit.(which he doesn't). He assumes it involves Billy and Billy comes in and tells him it's about Cane. Jack says he has some experience with harassment suits and Billy asks if it's about "Clarissa" aka Gloria and says his solution was to hire her. Jack leaves.

Jordan stops off to see Chelsea to get her input. He wonders if Juliet could be faking illness. She thinks from her experience, Juliet would have wanted a quick payoff and not have waited for months. She observes that Jordan seems mostly concerned about Lily.

Phyllis stops in to Jack's office to recruit Gloria's help in convincing Jack to set up Fenmore's with Chelsea's line.

Billy goes home and finds Phyllis in the kitchen and ready for action. Bleah! Meanwhile, Jill stops by to see Vic and urges her to fight for Billy. Ugh! Not a fan of Philly but butt out.

Jack asks Glo to research Juliet....he might want to hire her. Gloria says there are easier ways to stick it to Billy.

Juliet touches base with Cane and Lily after her appointment. They spar about the lawsuit and Lily tells her to quit lying and Juliet says "Explain this then." She hands them results of a pregnancy test. Wasn't that hookup several months ago and she's just finding out she's pregnant?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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