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Date: Fri, 30-Jun-2017 9:09:45 PM PDT
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For the week of July 3rd

Kevin and Dr. Harris begin to feel like two rats trapped in a box together

Kevin forms a plan to get Bella and return for Chloe so the three of them can run away together

Kevin hops in the car, drives off and BOOM

Harris tells Chloe it's a real bummer Kevin won't be coming back for her

Mal Young explains Harris now has kind of a thing for Chloe

An exec mtg at B&S goes sour when Billy attacks Cane for betraying Victoria and Lily

Victoria cans Cane

Cane gets desperate

The Hamilton/Winters Independence Day pool party gets underway at the GCAC's rooftop pool; attendees include: Neil, Abby, Scott, Sharon, Mariah, Devon, Hillary, Jordan, Noah, Tessa, Nick, & Chelsea

Reed helps Mattie with her studying at the coffee house

Previously: pool party, Kevin takes a risk, Cane argues with Juliet, Nick gets anxious about his mom

M - Genoans gather to celebrate the 4th, Hillary makes peace with Jordan

T - Nick asks Tessa what's up with Nikki, Chelsea mends fences

Th - Cane's universe implodes

F - Nick tells his mom to bail on the concert, Scott shares his history with Sharon

Next week: Cane gets a lecture from Jill, Victor goes to extremes for his wife, Chloe shares a secret, Nikki keeps her lips zipped

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