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The 1st Annual Winters-Hamilton 4th of July Bash Tuesday Recap

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Date: Tue, 04-Jul-2017 7:08:41 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick questions Tessaabout Nikki's whereabouts; Chelsea plays peacemaker; Kevin's world explodes.

The pool party continues. Neil and Devon introduce it as the 1st Annual Winters-Hamilton gathering.

Wacko Dr. continues acting weird-calls Chloe "Maggie," the name of his dead daughter. He says he did nothing to Kevin but he may have car trouble. Chloe wants to call him but the doc kept the phone. He wants her to dress up in his daughter's clothes....creepy. Chloe plays along with him hoping to escape. She puts on the dress and then the graduation gown. The loon even sets up chairs like someone's attending his little ceremony.

Devon and Mariah are talking and kissing and are interrupted by Abby who wonders how long they've been a couple and why it wasn't on social media. They tell her they're not big on publicizing stuff and Mariah excuses herself. Abby says she's surprised about them and never saw them as a couple. Devon says it's good she's not dating her then. Abby gives her unasked for opinion of chemistry-Devon says she's fun and he's always enjoyed her company and he doesn't think she's a fountain of knowledge on relationships. He leaves and Scott joins her and wonders after seeing her outfit if he should sing "The Star Spangled Banner."

Scott tells Sharon he's avoiding Nick and Chelsea so that Nick doesn't have an opportunity to mark his territory. Seems like an accurate description of how Nick acts. Sharon laughs. Abby joins the group and Scott says something about her being alone and she delivers a speech on being an independent woman. Scott says he was just offering her a chair.

Mariah and Tessa talk about the party and Tessa says Noah wants to take things slow. Mariah talks about his relationships and how it's made him cautious. Mariah says it's good to have a friend there since her other good friend(Kevin) is picking up pieces of his shattered life. Later Mariah tells Noah that Tessa thinks he's not interested. Noah says that wasn't his intent. He catches up with Tessa and they straighten everything out.

Nick asks Tessa if she knows where Nikki is. She doesn't.

Neil and Devon talk to Hil and Jordan. Neil likes Jordan's photos of Lily and thanks him for being a good friend to her.

Chelsea and Nick join Sharon and Scott. The guys don't get along and Chelsea and Sharon attempt to ease the tension. Nick issues a warning not to hurt anyone he cares about. Chelsea and he leave.

Later Nick and Abby compare notes on Scott. Abby says she thinks Scott's more altruistic-if he cared that much about Victor's opinion, he wouldn't date Sharon. She says she'll keep an eye on him.

Scott and Sharon discuss the party later. She apologizes for Nick ruining their holiday. He's good and likes holidays which surprises her.

Abby tells Mariah thanks for helping Devon get over Hilary. She thought they'd be circling each other forever.
The episode ends with Kevin on the ground by his car.

So what did you think of swimwear in this episode?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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