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Wacky Doc and a Settlement Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 05-Jul-2017 2:40:07 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victoria cleans house; Chloe makes a desperate move; Jordan comforts Lily.

Vic tells Billy she is settling the lawsuit. Billy wonders why she changed her mind and she tells him Juliet is pregnant. Michael comes in with the settlement. Leslie and Juliet follow. Vic demands a non-disclosure agreement from Juliet before signing. She says if any details about the settlement leak, she'll make her pay back every cent.

Lily and Cane discuss their kids-they have a meeting for Mattie and Charlie lost another cell phone. Lily tells Cane not to replace it. Cane tells her he wants to go see Juliet about a paternity test. Lily tells him it's not smart. The kids come in and are squabbling. Mattie wants Cane to get her an internship at Brash and Sassy. They leave followed by Cane. Lily has gotten Cane's cell phone.

Hil and Jordan wake up in bed. Lily calls and wants Jordan to come over which Hilary doesn't appreciate. He leaves and tells Hill he'll call her later.

Chloe and the loony doctor are going through a photo album for his daughter Maggie. Chloe asks to go to the cemetary to see her mother's grave. He says no and she asks about pretending to show her the diploma. Chloe clocks him with a bottle and takes his keys. He catches her before she escapes. He drugs her but Kevin is outside. They wrestle over a gun and Kevin ties him up. Kevin leads Chloe out to the doctor's car. She's afraid the doc will turn them in and Kevin says he can't.

Mattie and Reed are at the pool. They joke about her studiousness. She says she wants an internship at Brash and Sassy. Reed tells her it's his mom's company. She's shocked he's part of the Newman family.

Jordan goes through the texts on Cane's phone and there is no evidence of harassment. Juliet tells Hilary it's all over and Hilary tries to tell her the money will come in handy as a single parent. Juliet says she doesn't plan to raise the child alone.

Vic fires Cane.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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