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Monday, "Time for us to hit the road!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 10-Jul-2017 7:10:45 PM PDT
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Because you, Mommy and me finally get to be a family. Kevin.

What do you think of Kevin/Chloe/Bella riding off in the sunset together to Oregon? Would would you have preferred a different ending for these three. I was very moved by the Gloria/Kevin goodbye scenes. Kudos to GR and JC for their raw emotional scenes. I could tell how hard it was for the actors to say goodbye. Did you enjoy the Paul/Kevin and Kevin/Bella and two grandma's goodbye scenes? Are you disappointed that Kevin didn't say goodbye to Mariah, his best friend?

Best of luck to Greg Rikkart, in his future endeavours. I will miss him on Y&R as Kevin. BTW, I had a chance to meet him at the Calgary Woman's show, many years ago. Great guy, and a very talented actor! And I was happy when he won that well deserved Emmy back in 2004.
Welcome back from the weekend! Hope it was a good one for you! Let's start our new week of Y&R!
Monday recap here [link]
Was Nikki a hypocrite by taking Victor's gifts, then telling him nothing had change?

Finally Victor offered to cancel the concert if it was too stressful for her. Were you disappointed that Nikki decided to go ahead because she wanted to do it for "herself" Do you believe her?

What do you think what Nick will do, to make sure that concert won't happen? Tell Victor that Nikki's MS has flared up again?

"If only Victoria had fired Billy. That scheme backfired on Cane, big time. But he still keeps ranting about it, ugh! Do you agree with Lily that Cane needs to stop blaming others for his actions? She was correct that he only confessed when he got caught in his lies.

Did Victoria make the right decision by firing Cane?

If Cane is the father of Juliet's baby, what should Lily do?

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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