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The Show Can't Go On Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 12-Jul-2017 6:35:34 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victor is forced to make a tough decision; Chloe asks for forgiveness; Abby's reputation is on the line.

Nikki creeps down the stairs obviously in a lot of pain. Victoria arrives. Elsewhere Nick and Chelsea are discussing her appearance. Nick tells her she doesn't have to worry: this concert is not going to happen. He sabotaged it.

Abby is checking on last minute preparations and is surprised the sound system inspector is there. They turn it on and it starts smoking. The inspector says if they can't find the problem, he'll have to shut them out.

Kevin, Chloe and Bella are building a castle out of hotel shampoos and glasses. Chloe is sorry for all Kevin left behind but he says everything he wants is right here. He takes Bella to bed. When he comes back, she tells him Victor is partnering with the crazy doc. Kevin sure recovered from his injuries quickly.

Juliet arrives at casa de Lane and announces she got the test results. Juliet says he will get his own results when he questions them showing he is the father. He apologizes to Lily. Cane says he will step up but is relieved when Juliet says she has no expectations of help from him. When she leaves, he cries.

Vic and Nikki are discussing B & S and she says Jill is in town. Victor comes in and says they look beautiful. He has a surprise as the doorbell rings. Oh joy! The delightful surprise is Hilary. Nikki should kick her and Victor out. Vic pulls Hilary aside and says she shouldn't have blamed her for the lawsuit....oh yes she should. Afterwards, Hilary begins the interview. Plenty of suck up to their great love story. Hil pushes Victoria to join the interview. Nikki is in pain as the interview continues.

Abby is annoying as usual and trying to throw her weight around as a Newman to get the inspector to OK everything. He gives her time to fix it. Nick and Chelsea arrive as Abby continues to freak out.

Phyllis and Billy are cavorting at the pool. He tells her due to sales being down he and Vic will have to put in extra hours. They run into Juliet they invite her to join them. She tells them about the baby and that Cane is the father.

Hilary is back at the AC and Juliet approaches and tells her she knows Lily won't let Cane abandon their baby. Which is right and exactly what Lily is telling Cane.

Victor, Nikki, and Vic arrive at the concert and Abby corners Victor to tell him of the problems. Nikki tells Nick she will go on and he says it's not as simple as that. After Victor talks to the inspector and is unable to get him to overlook the problem, he joins his family and says the concert has to be canceled.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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