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Monday, "No better place to relax!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 17-Jul-2017 5:10:31 PM PDT
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You have been a rock for me, Jack. Actually I donít know what I would have done without you tonight. Nikki

And we end with Jack and Nikki kissing at the end of this episode? Anyone one surprised? I'm sure not! So do you want these two paired again? I sure don't. Everything they get together, she always ends up dumping him for Victor.
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was great for you. BTW, I still have strep throat, but hope to be on the mend soon. So lets start our new week.
Monday recap [link]
Victor disowned Nick(for the thousandth time) for his betrayal of sabotaging his Mother's concert. What did you think of the Victor/Nick fight? As well as Nikki turning on Nick? Are both men self-righteous hypocrites? Do you hope that Hilary will expose Victor/Nick's fight on her TV show?

Victoria is right that Abby acts like a spoiled six year old. Especially when she threw her drink in her face. Do you think that Victoria is really all right after hitting her head? Should she have gone to a clinic or hospital?

Are you glad that Mariah saw the light and admitted to Tessa that Devon is still hung up on Hilary? Also admitting to her that she isn't okay being the rebound girl? What did you think of the ladies emotional scenes today?

Apparently the writers forget that Billy's kids should know Phyllis as their Aunt, who used to be married to their Uncle Jack. Was it totally disrepectful of Billy to bring Phyllis to Victoria's home to spend time with the kids? Will Victoria lose it with Philly on tomorrow's episode?

Dina was ticked that Jack took off on her. Was he rude doing that? He wanted Ravi and Ashley to take her home instead. Later Ravi notice how confused she thought it was Graham that abandoned her. Do you think Dina has dementia? Or was Ashley right that it was just drink and the late evening that got her confused?

Well, Kevin gave a Chloe a fake identity(Helen Jones), so they start their new life in Oregon. He even proposed to her(ugh). But they are unaware that Dr. Harris ratted them out to Victor. So their "worst nightmare" will be on their doorstep tomorrow. Will Victor turn them into the cops or let them flee town? Or do you not care?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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