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Nikki-Jack Reconnect, Victor Looks for Someone Else Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 18-Jul-2017 8:19:48 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Kevin and Chloe face off against Victor; Nikki crosses the line; Victoria hides her pain.

We open at the Abbott cabin with Jack and Nikki kissing. Nikki pulls away and apologizes. Jack is fine with it and they reminisce and talk about her appearance. She tells him she can't take any more of Victor's behavior. She says he disowned his son tonight. Jack says she's being very clear-eyed but he won't hold her to it. If she decides to forgive Victor, he will accept it.

Loony doc calls Victor and says Kevin and Chloe have escaped. He refers to Chloe as "Maggie." Victor tells him to find them.

Kevin and Chloe are preparing to leave the hotel. She says she won't rest till there are more than 1,000 miles between them and Victor.

Nick texts Nikki to call him and apologizes.

Vic arrives home as Billy and Phyllis explain Phyllis's presence and how the kids took to her. Vic says she's tired and wants to go to bed. She also has a bad headache from her fall. Reed tells them that she fell. Billy is concerned. Reed leaves for Crimson Lights and Billy talks to Vic separate from Phyllis but she says she's fine.

Mattie and Charlie discuss Juliet and the baby with Lily. They wonder what will happen. Lily says Cane is responsible and the child will be their brother or sister. Cane is drinking at the bar and Juliet joins him. He says he will support the baby. She wonders if the baby will have a father's love. They discuss work and her falsely accusing him. They end up blaming Billy for her being fired.

Reed meets Mattie at Crimson Lights. They talk about the adults in their lives and how things have turned out. He tells her about Nikki's performance and Nick and Victor fighting.

Phyllis and Billy come into the AC and spot Juliet and Cane. Cane says Vic is anxious to get Billy back and excuses him. Billy retorts that he didn't get his co-worker pregnant. Juliet agrees with Cane and leaves. Cane leaves too. Billy defends Vic to Phyllis.

Nick visits Vic and they discuss the night's events. Vic doesn't think Nick should have ruined the sound board but he defends himself. She thinks he's treating their mother like a child. Vic almost collapses while arguing.

Victor arrives at the motel and threatens Chloe and Kevin. Kevin says his secret is safe as long as he lets him and Chloe relocate. Victor lets them go.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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