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Monday, "We all took a hit from that show!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 24-Jul-2017 5:58:24 PM PDT
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Hilary Curtis delivered the knock out punch! Nick

Actually, it was TGVN(The Great Victor Newman), that allowed the video of his parking garage fight with Nick to be aired. He even gave Hilary a thumbs up! I'm sure he did it teach his son and family a lesson, ugh. Are you glad that Nick is threatening to sue Hilary in tomorrow's episode? Does he have a case?
Monday recap here [link]
What do you think of Jack only wanting to hire Cane to get insider information on Brass & Sassy? Good or bad idea?

Did you enjoy Abby/Dina/Ashley's spa day? Did you like the ladies becoming closer when Dina mentioned how lonely her days were without work BTW, Priceless looks on Abby/Ashley's face when Dina commented that "younger men ask for so little and they give so much." LOL.

I thought that Sharon did the right thing by calling Scott and Paul, after she chatted with a young woman(Crystal) on the crisis hotline. She informed them, that Crystal is being forced to have sex for money. Scott believes that that young lady might be part of the sex ring that Christine had mentioned about. Good mention of Y&R when Sharon mentioned to Scott, that her teenage pregnancy and raped by Matt Clark. What do you think of Y&R doing this sex ring story?

Gloria and Graham had a lunch date today. Do you want these two paired together?

Victoria tells Nikki, she is "fine", after her head injury. Liar! Mother and daughter are very much alike. Both lie, they are just "fine", when they are really in pain. Victoria will be visiting the hospital, pretty soon. So what did you think of Victoria wanting a relationship with Victor again? And Nikki/Victoria/Nick scenes?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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