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Buzz and Poolside Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 26-Jul-2017 3:04:01 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack plays games with Phyllis; Charlie meets Juliet; Hilary undermines Lily.

Dina and Graham are at the bar and a call comes in from Jack. He wants to join her for dinner. Dina accepts and asks Graham to stay. Jack mentions it to Ashley and she wants to come down.

Phyllis and Billy are fooling around. Bleah. Phyllis leaves to return upstairs and finds Victoria collapsed in the elevator. She helps her up and Vic asks her not to tell anyone.

Charlie helps Juliet near the pool. She tells him he looks familiar. She tries to give him a tip for helping and he says they don't take them.

Hilary and Jordan are talking at work and he mentions that the fallout from the Cane situation is still falling.

Cane tells Lily that he knows who lost him the job at Jabot-Victoria. She says he'll find something else and suggests he track down Charlie at the pool. Lily makes a call and later meets with her agent. He has a script for her and says she needs someone familiar with the technical aspects so she calls Jordan. He tells her to come over to GC Buzz. She says Hilary would have a problem with it and he wonders why she'd have a problem. Dude, you haven't noticed she's a raging vindictive shrew? Sure enough, Hilary is furious. When Lily appears, she agrees to let her do it. Afterward, Hilary checks out the script for herself.

Ravi and Ashley are discussing her spa visit and she mentions she thinks Dina is suffering from no longer being employed.

Phyllis confronts Jack about not hiring Cane. She tells him she found Vic in the elevator passed out. Jack says maybe she's pregnant. He also adds that it seems to be benefitting her.

Vic tells Billy she fainted and tells him she's going to the doctor. They hug before she leaves.

Cane shows up at the pool and sees Charlie with Juliet. He waits till Charlie leaves and then asks him if he wants to get together after work. Charlie has other plans and leaves. Cane then goes to talk to Juliet and she says she had no idea Charlie was his son.

The foursome meet for dinner. They talk about the family cabin and playing a trivia game. Jack remembers it and Ashley doesn't. Ashley asks Dina if she can name the Kardashians and she can. Ashley asks if she regrets selling and she glances at Graham and then says you can't change the past.

Billy tells Phyllis about Vic fainting and Phyllis is surprised she told him and says she's the one who found her in the elevator. He asks why she didn't tell him and she said Vic asked her not to. He said Vic told him because she needed someone to watch the kids. Phyllis is excited about seeing them and Billy says he thinks it would be better if just him.

Charlie returns home and tells Lily he can't pretend to be a perfect family.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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