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Payback Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 01-Aug-2017 8:35:02 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Billy and Victoria retaliate against Cane; Sharon's attempt to help Crystal backfires; Hilary questions Jordan about his feelings for Lily.

We open with Billy confronting Jesse and claiming Hilary had footage that showed he had cut off taping to alter the impression of what was said.

Meanwhile, Lily discovers the missing money in the twins' account and learns it has been transferred. She challenges Cane about it and he claims he transferred it for an investment.

Abby and Zack are drying off after swimming. Ashley enters and Abby goes to greet her. Ash is invited to the table and Zack gets everyone lemonade. Abby gets a phone call and leaves her mom with Zack. He tells her about the dating app and she says she's impressed. When she returns, Zack needs to get back to work. Ash tells Abby she likes Zack and Abby says she's scared to open up again. Ash encourages her and she accepts a request for a fourth date via text.

Sharon and Scott are discussing Crystal. Sharon feels she didn't do enough. Scott reassures her. In the meantime, Nick has found Crystal huddled in the alley and talks her into coming inside with him. He puts her in the office and asks Chelsea to talk to her. Crystal tells Chelsea her name is Connie. Chelsea doesn't believe her and she admits she's Crystal. She tells Nick that Crystal is still scared. Sharon and Scott enter and Scott and Nick spar a bit. When Scott leaves to get Sharon a drink, Sharon wonders what's up with him. Chelsea and Scott rejoin them and Chelsea mentions Crystal. Sharon goes to the office to talk to her. She says she'll take care of her. After Sharon leaves and talks to Scott, Nick, and Chelsea. She calls Paul and the four of them go back to talk to her-she's gone.

Jordan is angry at Hilary for going after "Lily's commercial." Hilary brags about her own initiative and how she made it happen. She tells Jordan maybe he cares about Lily more than he's saying. She says she's no damsel in distress and kisses him. He's conflicted.

Billy brings Jesse into Victoria's office to get him to confess. Billy says Vic would be willing to pay for the info. Jesse confesses all and has a memory card with the footage. Vicc gets out the checkbook. After Billy gets the memory card, they kick him out without the money. Afterwards, they discuss karma. Billy tells Vic they can't sue because Lily is supporting the family. Vic asks if he wants Cane to get away with it and Billy has something else in mind.

Mattie asks for Charlie's help so she can watch Reed play. He reluctantly agrees. Later Mattie goes home and asks her parents if she can go out and they approve. Later she shows up at the UG and greets Reed. She tells him that Charlie is covering for them. Reed performs and some groupies show up and howl about him. He has a special spot for Mattie to sit.

Lily and Cane are talking and Billy and Vic arrive. Vic tells Lily she needs to hear this too. Cane lied to all of them-including Lily.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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