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TGIF, "Talk is cheap, Hochman!" Free For All Post

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Date: Fri, 04-Aug-2017 5:14:21 PM PDT
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When are you going to kiss me? Victoria
Right about now. Benjamin Hochman

And our Friday Cliffhanger ends with a very horny Victoria starting to have sex with Hochman. Earlier, Victoria was normal business self with him, until she heard ringing in her ears. Then she did a total 180 and was hunger to have sex with him. It looks like to me that her little brain injury is much more serious than we originally thought. Could she have Temporal Lobal Brain Injury [link] What do you think?

What do you thoughts about Victor taking Nick off the Newman Family Account at AC? As well as Nick/Sharon/Scott scenes?

Who could be watching Jack/Nikki at the cabin as they kiss?

Can Tessa and Mariah keep their kiss in the vault?
Friday recap here [link]
Have a great weekend!

See you on Monday!


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