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Danger, Secrets and Sacrifice Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 09-Aug-2017 1:58:55 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Sharon finds herself in serious danger; Graham keeps a secret from Dina; Cane makes a sacrifice for his family.

Abby stops by to see Lily. Lily presumes she heard that she and Cane broke up. Lily says it's been hard to even get herself going each day. They discuss Juliet and Lily says she never got to carry Cane's child. She talks about the miracle with Mac carrying the twins. At one time, Lily and Abby were friends after Colleen died but don't recall them sharing many scenes since.

Juliet stops by to see Hilary and announce that she and Cane had a "breakthrough." What? My station must get a different feed than hers. She talks about the enthralled look on Cane's face when he saw the ultrasound. Again whaaaaaat? Hilary puts her down and says Cane will never leave Lily. Juliet says that Lily threw him out. Jordan stops by and tells Hil he visited Lily and he needs her to know he's going to continue to be Lily's friend.

Tessa is with Noah preparing for her recording and is very nervous. She sings but doesn't do well. Devon wants a break. Noah tells her that her past is getting to her. She wants to try again. She nails the second attempt and gets applause from Noah, Mariah, and Devon.

Zach and Cane are discussing his car-Zach agrees to buy it. Cane wants to know if there are job openings and Zach says they're just going live later tonight. Cane goes by the pool and sees Charlie. Charlie wants nothing to do with him and says Lily will be divorcing him. Cane wonders if she said that. Charlie walks away.

Dina and Jack talk. Jack asks her to take a job. She feels he's offering a "make-work" project and says she's not a charity case. He manages to convince her. Graham comes home and wants to know what's going on. After Jack leaves, Graham tells her she can't accept and will have to tell Jack she changed her mind. She's bored and wants to do it and brushes aside Graham's concerns.

Ashley and Ravi discuss Jack offering Dina a job. Ravi asks how John would react. She says John would approve giving her a second chance-he did himself. Ravi says he'd like to spend more time with Ash. She agrees. She asks him to come with her to the Abbott cabin and he accepts. Jack joins them and tells them Dina agreed. Ravi will be her contact since they have rapport.

Lily calls the twins' school to get an extension on the tuition. She finds out Cane already paid it. She calls and finds out he sold the car.

Crystal calls Sharon and Sharon comes to get her at a seedy hotel. As they leave, a big bruiser is in the door wondering who Sharon is. They tell him the client wants a threesome. He hauls Crystal out and says they're done here.

Jordan and Hilary are having lunch or dinner....He is worried about Lily. Hil tells him she could use support and he says acting comes natural to her and she'll be fine.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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