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Monday, "Could I sound any lamer?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 14-Aug-2017 8:24:38 PM PDT
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You make me feel really happy. And I just said that. Reed

Mattie and Reed were really sweet and cute as they kissed in the Ashby living room. But Cane walks in and sees the whole thing. Will he lose it tomorrow and kick Reed out?
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope you enjoyed it! Let's start our new week of Y&R episodes.
Monday recap here [link]
Do you agree with Nick that Victor is being cruel by kicking him and his children out of their home? Are you glad that Nick thanked TGVN for cutting the strings? Whose side were you on today? Nick? Victor? Or neither

Is Nick trying to mooch off his girlfriend, Chelsea, by suggesting they live together?

Abby's face was priceless when a controlling Victor holds up a key and announces he wants her to move into the Tackhouse. Do you think that Victor is trying to by pit his children against each other, by doing that?

Jordan claimed that he saw sparks between Scott and Abby during the photo shoot. Did you? Do you want them paired? Or you do you prefer Scott with Sharon?

What are your thoughts on the Lily/Juliet/Hilary/Mattie scenes?

Are you glad that Victoria told Billy to stay out of her personal life?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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