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Move-ins and New Roommates Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 15-Aug-2017 7:04:17 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Chelsea faces a big decision; Cane and Lily ask Mattie to keep her distance from Reed; Mariah presses Tessa for the truth.

Mattie and Reed are kissing when Cane enters. Reed figures he better leave and afterward Cane tells Mattie she's not to see him. Lily comes home after being laid off due to lack of funds and Cane tells her about Mattie and Reed and she tells him about being laid off. He blames Victoria and she points out they're in this position because of him. Later she talks to Mattie and says for the present she should slow things down with Reed.

Reed talks to Billy about Mattie and Cane and wonders what he should do if he's forbidden to see her. Billy says to accept and says things will work out. "Like you and grandpa?"

Sharon is still worried about Crystal as is Tessa. Sharon leaves with Noah. Tessa thinks Mariah seems distant and Mariah says something's bothering Tessa and she needs to open up. Tessa confesses Crystal is her little sister.

Abby and Nick talk about her being offered the tack house. Nick has no trouble with her taking it. Vic thinks Victor is trying to pit the kids against each other. Nick doesn't care because he's managed to score a move-in with a somewhat conflicted Chelsea. Vic feels disoriented and leaves. She meets Ben for dinner who has been meeting with Cane who offers him info on Brash and Sassy.

Scott and Sharon are discussing how they'll have privacy in her new "sorority." Christine enters and updates them on Crystal. They found her John who found her through a massage ad. Christine thinks her pimp has just a few clients and says they can't really do anything unless she contacts Sharon again. After she leaves, Scott says she may not be able to do anything but he can.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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