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Monday, "Look who came home from work after all!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 28-Aug-2017 9:05:02 PM PDT
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Be right there, save some hot water for me! Billy

And Billy betrays Phyllis by hacking into her Jabot computer by using Dina's password. Plus his family as well. BTW, I am hoping that our computer genius Ravi notices that fact. What do you think of Victoria encouraging Billy to do this illegal crime?
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was great for you. Let's start another week of Y&R.
Monday recap here. [link]
Dina is horrible mother by praising Billy in front of an angry Jack. Do you think he now regrets hiring her?

At Jabot, Jack has a business proposition, for Lauren. He wants priority shelf space for his new products over Brash & Sassy. What do you do think of Lauren telling Jack that she wonít screw over B&S and that his new products will have to prove themselves against theirs?

Looks like Chelsea is forcing herself to be happy about Faith living at the penthouse. Agree/Disagree?

Sharon was the VOR(Voice of Reason) today. First with Victor, "For someone who claims to put family first, you sure donít act like it!" Bravo!! Then with Nick, "If you are going to make it all about you, you are going to alienate our daughter!" Bravo, again! I loved her putting both men in their place. What do you think of Victor telling Faith that Chelsea is a good person, and asks her to apologize to her Dad and respect him? Are you glad that Sharon suggested to Faith to stay with her a few days? Is Faith sincere when she told Nick that, she wants to tell Chelsea that she is sorry?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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