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Nikki and Victor Have the Same Argument Again and a Surprise Return Tues Recap

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Date: Tue, 29-Aug-2017 2:38:44 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nikki urges Victor to make amends with Nick; Mattie witnesses a close moment between Lily and Jordan; Tessa comes clean about her past.

Nikki visits Faith at the penthouse. Nick tells Nikki that Victor expects Faith to visit whenever he wants. She says he's acting like Victor. Chelsea arrives home and Nikki wants to talk to her alone. She's worried about the disruptions to her life with Nick and family moving in. Later Nick and Chelsea talk and she said Nikki made her feel better. So how often did she make Sharon feel better? Nick gets a call from Noah about working and Chelsea says she can handle being alone with Faith.

Abby visits Victor. He wonders about Zach; she says they're just friends but wants to see where it might lead.

Mariah and Tessa are talking at the stable. Mariah wonders what's wrong. Tessa thinks Crystal's in more danger. Mariah says they're going to the police station.

Sharon stops in the police station and asks Paul for progress on the sex ring case. She says Scott posed as a john to find Crystal. "What?" says Paul. Sharon is impatient for something to happen. Paul says his detectives are working on it and tells her to stay out of it. Sharon insists she won't-she will save Crystal. They are still arguing when Mariah and Tessa enter. She tells Sharon that Crystal is her sister. Sharon wonders why she didn't tell her earlier. She said she was afraid what she would think since she's dating her son. Sharon says she won't judge and tells her a little bit about her background. Later Tessa and Mariah talk and she says she has to tell Noah.

Hilary visits Cane to discuss Jordan and Lily. She wants to join forces to break them up. Cane says Lily won't believe a word she says. In the meantime, Jordan visits with flowers and thanks her for the nice evening. Mattie comes in and is not happy with the situation which she tells Lily after Jordan leaves. So could Cane maybe mention that if not for plotting with Juliet for a fake sexual harassment suit, he'd still be with Lily? Later Charlie arrives home followed by Cane wanting to see the kids. Lily tells Cane that he'll always be Charlie's dad and when Charlie comes back in, she suggests he and Cane go to dinner together. He balks until Cane suggests pizza vs. Lily's tofu and broccoli.

Nikki goes to see Victor and tears into him about interfering with Faith and Nick. She says he's not a little boy anymore.

Hilary meets with Jordan. She suggests they go to dinner but he gets a call from Lili who has no one to cook for now that the kids have other plans. He, of course, prefers to meet Lili.

Nick and Noah are at the bar and he notices Alice Johnson(Cassie's adoptive mom) in a booth texting. Wasn't watching during this s/l so had to look it up to see who she was. They show a flashback to a scene with him and her after Cassie died. He calls Sharon to tell her. Hmmm, wonder if she's the one Zach called who we only saw the back of her head.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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