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Billy Tricks Phyllis, Rare Likey Sighting Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 31-Aug-2017 6:28:01 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Ashley works to repair her family; Nick tries to bridge the gap between Chelsea and Faith; Billy crosses the line.

We open with Michael and Lauren dancing. Scott interrupts and sensing a romantic moment, offers to back out. Lauren mentions she hasn't seen him and wonders how Sharon is. He asks if she really wants to know. She still has reservations. Scott gets a text from Sharon about the sex ring and excuses himself.

Sharon shows Nick a picture of the car with the hookers and says it's the same car Alice left in. Nick isn't convinced.

Neil and Vic are sharing lunch and she shows him her records. Meanwhile, Billy is downloading Jabot records while Phyllis is yapping. She wonders what he is doing. He claims he's looking up something and says he has to go to work.

Ravi asks Ashley touch his cheek- he is wearing her new moisturizer-clothes too they're in the office. It gives Ashley a new idea to set up unisex products.

Chelsea and Faith are bonding in the penthouse. Chelsea's painting her nails. Faith seems happy and then she takes a step back and wonders why they had to move in the penthouse instead of Chelsea and Connor moving into the ranch. Chelsea says it's closer to work for both of them. Faith isn't convinced and Nick comes in. She tells him she hasn't gotten used to it. He tells her to be a big girl and she goes upstairs. There is a knock on the door and it is delivery courtesy of Victor-Faith's furniture. Faith loves it and hugs Chelsea but then says her Grandpa knows how to make things right for her.

Michael and Lauren return to dancing and Phyllis rings the doorbell and barrels in to howl about interruptions to her romantic life. Michael says he knows what she means. She blabs on about Brash and Sassy and Vic trying to connect with Billy.

Billy joins Vic and Neil as Neil excuses himself. Billy tells Victoria that Jabot plans to smash them and he has evidence. He shows her how Jabot plans to get Fenmore's to end their contract with Brash and Sassy. Vic wonders if Phyllis is involved and Billy thinks it's not possible. Vic and Billy visit Ashley who is still with Ravi. They wonder if Jack is up to something. Billy asks to speak to Ash alone. Vic and Ravi leave and talk about Ben H. He mentions Phyllis meeting with him. Billy asks if Ashley knows anything and she insists she knows nothing Jack is doing.

Scott arrives at Sharon's and she tells him she got a blast from the past. She tells him about Alice and the past and then about thinking she ran the sex ring. Scott trusts her instincts and says he will look into it.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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