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They Told Me You Missed School Today Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 12-Sep-2017 7:29:29 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Ashley changes course to learn Graham's secret; Neil is concerned about Lily; Victoria uses an opportunity to freeze Phyllis out.

We open with new buds-Phyllis and Hilary-or Phylary discussing Vic and Billy. Yikes! H*ll on wheels X 2. Phyllis whines about feeling left out because of Vic and Billy with the kids. She has a plan. Hilary wonders if she plans to get pregnant. Her plan is to suck up to the kids.

Billy arrives at Vic's for Johnny's first day of school. They reminisce. Johnny joins them and says he doesn't want to go to school. Reed comes in and says how good his first day of school was. It doesn't help. Billy talks about all the fun things at school and says he'll go and Johnny can go to work. Johnny wants to go to school after all. Reed snaps a picture of the three of them. After they leave he calls Mattie and convinces her to cut school and come to his place.

Ashley and Jack are discussing Graham and Ashley tells Jack that Graham is out of town. Jack wonders about confronting her and Ashley says she has a new plan.

Mattie is looking at a pic of Reed on her cell phone when Cane joins her. They talk about school and she says a friend is picking her up when she gets a message from Reed. Cane leaves.

Jack visits Dina and she is upset figuring he talked to Ash. Meanwhile Ash visits Neil. Jack tells Dina that Graham can't be part of her work life. Neil shares Graham's personnel info with Ashley. It turns out he has a spotty work record-couldn't get a job and then he started as a file clerk at Mergeron and then was promoted to the top by Dina. Dina shares with Jack that Graham saved her from making a serious mistake at work.

Phyllis and Lauren meet to discuss figures. Lauren tells her she doesn't to listen to ragging about Victoria. Phyllis thinks something is off about the sales figures. Phyllis thinks Vic has manipulated sales figures.

Neil is having breakfast and Cane joins him and tells him he's trying to put his family back together. Neil says it might not work out. After Neil leaves, Hilary pops in for a progress report on Cane's efforts to put his family back together. I thought she was some big star and yet she has time to nose around in everyone else's business. Cane gets a call from Mattie's school and she didn't show up.

Ashley and Ravi are researching Graham. Ashley gets info from Mergeron that Dina hired Graham-she thinks he was stalking her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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