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Women Try Sassy Mask, Phyllis Tries Phony Mask Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 13-Sep-2017 4:23:00 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Cane's feud with Victoria escalates; Abby takes a leap of faith; tensions mount between Devon and Mariah.

We open with women trying the Brash and Sassy new mask. I thought it was an advertisement and FF'd before figuring out what was going on. The women love Sassy Mask.

Phyllis is once again carrying on about the B & S figures to Jack this time. Jack says it has Billy written all over it and of course, he's right.

Zack is fielding a call about the sex ring from Alice and Abby walks in. She hears him talking about weeding people out and attracting others and looks puzzled. She questions him and he claims he was talking to coders. Abby buys it but thinks they should cast a wide net. However, she thinks they should get rid of the low rent ads which is kind of the opposite of what she was arguing. The low rent ads were no doubt to attract people for his sex ring business. She has arranged an advertising meeting for them.

Hilary and Cane are talking and Cane excuses himself. Hilary takes it upon herself to call Mattie to warn her and interrupts their makeout session.

Devon calls Mariah while she and Tessa are discussing Crystal. She is reluctant to leave but Tessa tells her Noah is coming over. She and Devon discuss him blowing her off for Hilary. And to compound it, Hilary rubbed it in. Devon says Hilary is full of it. Things go better for Noah and Tessa. Noah tells her a promoter is coming to see her and wants her to open his club in Ann Arbor. Devon manages to convince Mariah he's committed to least for the moment.

Jack and Phyllis are still talking and he tells her she needs to find out who at Jabot is leaking information to Brash and Sassy. They are interrupted by Zack and Abby and Phyllis leaves. Abby lays out their sales pitch. Jack seems receptive but asks to speak to Abby alone. He tells her he's upset that she bailed on him on their other deal and he doesn't want to do anything to help Victor.

Mattie calls Cane and tells him she and her friend got a flat tire. He, of course, knows she's lying since the school told him Erin had arrived on time. Cane leaves.

Abby and Zach offer their pitch to Billy and Vic. Zach lets it slip that Jabot turned them down due to their older demographic. Vic signs on. Afterwards, Vic wonders if she made a mistake. Phyllis interrupts and wants to go to lunch. Billy says he's too busy. Phyllis tells him Jack wonders if they have a spy. Billy laughs. Phyllis is suspicious but he's irritated that she thinks Vic would hire a spy. She rags on about how competitive Vic is.

Hilary meets with Jack about their deal. She wonders how much she'll benefit.

Cane goes to Vic's house and wonders where Mattie is. Reed says she doesn't know but Cane finds her headband. Vic comes in and wonders why Cane is there. He tells her and her head starts throbbing. She throws him out.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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