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TGIF, "Here we go again!" Free For All Post

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Date: Fri, 15-Sep-2017 4:51:09 PM PDT
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Graham has nothing to hide Dina

Well, Dina couldn't be more damn wrong. Our "amateur detective" Ashley found a very incriminating letter in his suite She found out hes paying $8000 a month for a room at Boca Point Active Living Residence. Great cliffhanger ending as Ashley is caught by Graham as she plans to exit the room. How will she get out of this? What do think Graham's big secret is?

Thanks to Nikki, Nick(with Sharon) finally told Faith the truth that her grandfather kicked him off the ranch. Kudos to Faith telling Victor that what he did was mean and she no longer trusts him. Are you glad that she knows now? Do you wish, Nick had told her sooner?

Comic relief of the day was Victoria catching Nikki/Jack kissing in the elevator. Also funny when Jack gave Nikki a tissue to fix her lipstick. LOL. What do you think of Nikki/Jack pairing?
Friday recap here [link]
Hope you have a great weekend!

See you on Monday!


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