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Monday, "Victor sent this to me today as a gift!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 25-Sep-2017 7:01:45 PM PDT
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Before I send him a thank you note. I thought I would to get something straight. This is your doing isnít it? Jack

No, it's Graham. But Dina greenlight it. She thinks, Nikki is using her son. Is she? BTW, Nikki and Jack are fooling themself. They are doing this to to stick to Victor. Graham claims he took the pictures to save Jack from himself? I think Graham's motives were to create a rift between Jack and Dina? Agree/Disagree?
Welcome back from the weekend. Today I learned some sad news that my friend Bea passed away on the 24th. I don't know if anyone who reads this posts, remembers her but she started this Y&R Recap Post. RIP, Bea! You were the best!
Monday recap here [link]
Ashley is barking up the wrong tree. It's not Graham, who downloading confidential R&D documents, but her traitor brother, Billy. "You have no idea what I am capable of!" Boy, Graham gave me the chills as he said that. And he told Ashley that he wasn't the "bastard", hinting that he knows about her paternity. What are your thoughts on the Ashley/Graham scenes?

"I hate paying for a ticket, when I know how the show is going to end." Bravo Phyllis. She nailed it that Nikki will eventually will go back to Victor and Jack will be hurt again! The story never changes. I shook my head at our foolish Lauren for not listening to Phyllis that B&S manipulated their sales figures. Though Phyllis was an idiot for trusting Billy. I really hope she dumps that loser when the truth comes that he used her. Do you want the same outcome?

Victor really did look upset when he saw the picture of Nikki/Jack kissing. He ranted to Abby that he didn't give a damn if they lied in the gutter. She called him out that he sure damn did. If he didn't care, he sure wouldn't email the pictures to Jack and Nikki. Nikki, naturally blamed Victor for it, and confronted Victor. After their little fight, she saw on the envelope it was from "Dina" Then she let Jack know. Boy, those two were upset. I thought they didn't care if Victor knew. Obviously, they do.

BTW, Jabot doesn't have crackpot security if Billy could easily download R&D information that Jack and Ashley "only have access" to. Though I can't wait for Ravi to figure out that culprit used Dina's password on Phyllis' laptop. It won't take Jack too long to figure out that Billy was the one. What should Jack do afterwards?

And finally, our desperate duo of corporate espionagers, Billy and Victoria. At Brass and Sassy offices, Victoria seemed so shocked that Jabot is developing a youth line. That's because Jack is expanding his product lines, which is good business. Sadly, Victoria seems like incompetent business owner these days. Then Billy was the idiot of day, discussing they took illegal measure to get ahead. Naturally, Victor hears them. The bastard Billy has no remorse doing that, grr. Victor won't allow Jack to come after B&S. Give him the word and he'll make sure he doesnít do it again. Anyone shocked that Billy seemed interested in his offer? Worst Brother ever! Plus traitor to the Abbott family. I would love for Jack to take Billy down, but he always loses against Victor(ugh)
What did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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