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It's Over and a Kidnapping Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 28-Sep-2017 2:40:19 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Lily delivers news about the future to Cane, Tessa enacts a plan, and Devon runs into Hilary.

We open with Lily and Cane discussing their marriage. Lily says she doesn't want to see a marriage counselor-any counselor. They came into the marriage with just the two of them. She tells him she's really hurt but still loves him. She tells him that his child with Juliet makes all the difference and the child will be a constant reminder. She opens the door for him to leave. She cries after he's gone.

Tessa and Mariah argue about their plans for rescuing Crystal on the way to see Alice.

Sharon and Scott discuss their case at dinner. Meanwhile, Zach and Abby arrive and he suggests they join Sharon and Scott to Abby's dismay. He claims he can use them to fine tune his algorithm but actually wants details on what Scott knows about the sex ring. Zach starts asking questions about Scott's sex ring story and Scott reminds Abby it wasn't supposed to be public knowledge. After Scott leaves, Abby congratulates Zach on how interested he seemed in what Scott had to say. What a dummy! He wants to spend the night but she's not down with it.

Alice is prepping two of the girls on how to appeal to the customers. C'mon...she is acting like she's their friend when she's helping keeping them enslaved. The girls look miserable. A car honks and off they go and next thing she knows, Mariah and Tessa are at the door and throw a blanket over her head. She starts howling and they tell her to shut up. They take her to the stables...surprised that Victor doesn't show up to feed a horse a carrot.

Hilary is dining alone and Devon stops her. She braves about her career taking off and he says she can't fool him. He says he talked to Jordan about Lily which is what she wanted. He doesn't know why she wants to get back together with him. She claims she doesn't. Devon next goes to see Lily.

Cane retreats to the bar and of course Juliet stops by. He needs to put a stop to this. He should only talk to her when it concerns the baby. He next stops by to see Hilary and tells her that her advice didn't pay off. She tries to push him to not give up.

Scott and Sharon arrive home and see Mariah with a bunch of water bottles. She says they're for Tessa and leaves quickly.

Alice is gasping when Mariah comes in with water. She offers her some and Alice faints after calling her Cassie.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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