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Victor Caught, Sex Ring Goes Undercover Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 03-Oct-2017 2:25:35 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick is left high and dry; Abby is troubled by Zach's mood swings; Jack and Nikki prepare for battle.

Dina enters Jack's office and demands her computer back. She said Victor assured her he wouldn't use the pictures she sent him against Jack. Jack says she's foolish to trust Victor.

Kevin and Glo are catching up...she tells him Jack dumped her for Nikki and Grant seems mainly interested in friendship. She said she wished he lived closer.

Abby is talking to Victor about the new app. Victor is proud of her and wonders about Zack's relationship with her. She says they're great as she leaves and then returns to say it's not true-seems like he's covering for something. Victor thinks she's wise to be cautious. I noticed Abby kept her jacket over her waist area-her baby bump appears to be showing.

Alice and Sharon are riding in the car and Alice is worrying about explaining stuff to her boss. Sharon says that should be the least of her worries; she's giving her a head start.

Mariah and the sisters return home. Tess is relieved by Crystal says they need to leave right away.

Nikki is lunching with Nick. Nick gets a phone call about his missing money. Nothing has been learned. Nikki is upset to hear of it but Victor is not mentioned. She leaves for a date with Jack. As Nick gets ready to leave, Kevin enters. Nick apologizes to Kevin and Kevin blames him for Chloe's "death." What an ass.

Alice arrives at home and packs up to leave. She gets a call from Zack and tries to cover saying she was kidnapped. He has a camera in her place and knows she's getting ready to leave. He says he's left something for out front. She finds an envelop and he says it's for the vacation she's taking.

Paul is at Sharon's place when she gets back and asks Crystal about who's in charge of the sex ring. She said she only met him once and didn't get a name. Paul next talks to Sharon asks her about the woman in charge and Sharon tells him it's Alice Johnson. Paul says they need to put Crystal in witness protection. The girls leave to pack up Crystal and Paul tells Sharon he knows it's too familiar like with Dylan-they hug.

Nick goes to work out and finds Victor there. Nick plays it casual and Victor says he appears too carefree. Maybe the lightbulb has gone off for the dim bulb since he looks like he bought a clue.

Victor and Kevin meet and discuss the conclusion of their project.

Gloria is in the bar and Victor comes in and she tells him Nikki and Jack annoy her. He tells her she should take her talents where they're appreciated. They toast as Nick walks in. He calls his banker and says he knows who stole his money.

Alice is counting the money in the envelop as she gets in the car. Leon the thug jumps in the passenger side as she jumps out to get away from him. A car comes gunning for her.

So many holes in this sex ring story. First of all, when Tess first got to town she was scared of Zack and it was implied he ran a sex ring then. Later she went to him for help finding Crystal and he claimed he had no contacts in that business. Next Victor did a background check on Zack and found nothing. Finally why does Zack need the hassle of this when he likely would get a lot more from his business as part of Newman not to mention if he married her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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