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"He'll have me!" Tuesday Recap Post.

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Date: Tue, 10-Oct-2017 4:23:32 PM PDT
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Phyllis to Jack when he says when he gets done, Billy will have nothing left.

Today's Preview: Hilary lets her guard down with Devon; Traci looks into Graham's past; Chelsea cautions Nick on his need for revenge.

We open with portraits of the Abbott family over the years. Ashley has a flashback talking to John over sales figures. He tells her he is proud of her. Jack enters and tells her that Dina will be there w/o Graham. Ashley says good, she wants to be surrounded by people who care about her and that may not include her mother. Jack says John would have been so proud of her. They talk about Brent Davis.

Chelsea and Nick are talking and Chelsea wishes he wasn't taking this step of exposing Victor but she doesn't want to miss it. Hilary stops by and Nick says he wants to be interviewed by her about his relationship with Victor. Later Devon stops by looking for Mariah for Ashley's celebration. She says she'll be there to interview Nick.

Neil stops by to thank Vic for promoting Lily. He says if there's anything he can do for her...there is and she puts a mask on him to try out. He is impressed.

Dina and Graham are talking. Ravi stops by and Dina thinks she's being fired. Ravi looks puzzled. He's bringing her computer back and changing her password. On the way out, Graham tells Ravi he thinks Dina would be better if he could attend. Ravi says he'll see what he can do.

Phyllis recalls watching Billy access her computer. He asks if everything is OK and she says no. She tells him he should avoid Ashley's event tonight-thinks he'll be sabotaged. He says he and Jack have already talked about it and agreed to put their differences aside for Ashley's ceremony. Phyllis tells him he could ease the tension by quitting Brash and Sassy. He says she has managed to keep her business life with Jack apart from their personal life and he can do the same.

Traci is back. Yay! Ashley is still trying to investigate Graham and they discuss him.

Phyllis confronts Jack and is upset Jack told her about Billy. She's blaming it all on Vic and Jack tells her to stop being a victim. Is he right?

Traci has a friend stop by and they discuss Graham. Her friend doesn't remember the last name but says he didn't have many friends. Traci goes to her yearbook and finds a Graham Davis. Ashley calls Dina and tells her she can bring Graham as her plus one.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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