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Getting Ready for the Gala Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 11-Oct-2017 7:16:41 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack hits Billy below the belt; Graham backpedals with Dina; Nick turns the tables on Victor.

Jack learns Ashley has invited Graham to her ceremony. She wants to call him out in front of Dina. Vic is going to the festivities with Neil. Billy wonders if she's trying to get under Phyllis's skin. Vic says she's always admired Ashley's business skills.

Phyllis tells Ravi she knows Billy used her laptop to access Jabot files. Ravi is sorry for her pain but she makes excuses again for Billy. Phyllis is happy that Ravi is Ashley's date for the gala.

Jack summons his sisters, mother and niece for a toast in his office. Phyllis, Ravi, and Gloria are also included. Jack gives a glowing assessment of her talents and adds that she is very kind. After they pile out, Dina tells Ashley she is proud of her. Ashley says she hasn't changed her mind about Graham. After Dina leaves, Ashley gets a text from Ravi about Graham's mom.

Victor stops by to see Vic and learns they have confidential info on Jabot's plans. He says he has enormous problems with their strategy. He thinks Jack is setting them up but they're not listening. He tells them to keep their eyes and ears open.

Nick and Hilary begin their interview and Nick hesitates. Hilary stops taping and Chelsea tells him if he's not sure, they can back out now. Nick goes on with the interview.

Ravi tells Ashley that Graham's mom had a job with a Walnut Grove school. Ashley says that helps. Jack calls Phyllis in to say he was sorry by what he said earlier about Billy. Billy comes in and says he guesses he wasn't invited.

Vic gets a text from Nick telling her to watch GC Buzz. She and Victor turn on the tv.

Graham is plotting with his mother by phone; Dina comes in after he hangs up.

Traci shows Ashley the picture in the yearbook of a Graham Davis.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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