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Monday, "Mother, I need to talk to you!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 16-Oct-2017 8:08:57 PM PDT
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
You have the key! Open the damn door!! Ashley.

Poor Ashley, finding her collapse mother, Dina on the floor. Why did Graham come back, after her left her for dead? Do you think that Ashley will have another breakdown?

Monday recap here [link]

Did you enjoy the Abbott scenes today. And what are your thoughts about Traci and Abby's reaction of the big family secret?

What do you think of Scott comforting Abby?

Sharon updates Mariah and Tessa about Alice disappearing after her "accident. Do you hope that Y&R will bring her back to bust Zack? Or do you think she is dead? Should Mariah confess to Sharon that she has feelings for Tessa?

So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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