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Monday, "Oh, it's amazing, youíre even lying right now!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 23-Oct-2017 8:47:40 PM PDT
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I know that you have been using me and then lying to my face, and I want to know why! Why did you do this to me?! Phyllis.

Gina Tognoni was on fire in her last scene, as her angry Phyllis exposed Billy for his betrayal. Did she set him by leaving her cell phone on the couch? So he would know that Jabot is going forward with their men's line? Tomorrow, everything is going to hit the fan Are you looking forward to their confrontation and breakup?

Monday recap here [link]
Victoria had a fender bender, and ended up with facial bruises. But she foolishly rejects Chelsea, telling her not take her to hospital. And now, she plans to appear on Hilary's show, but ill prepared to promote the new menís products(which aren't ready) She continues to put business about her health. Foolish. Will Victoria end up fainting and end up in the hospital after appearing on Hilary's show?

Jack was sweet to Abby, by telling her that blood was only part of the equation. She is an Abbott, through and through. However, she was foolish to go another date with evil Zach. He freaks when she sees prostitute Natalia, man handles her and orders her to leave. He rudely cuts Abby's off, while she was talking to him. In order to chat with Leo, about not wanting Natalie to be seen in GC. Abby was about to dump him again, but she bought his little act. Ugh. Will Abby continue to be clueless or will accidently stumble upon the truth about Zach?

Did you enjoy the Scott/Sharon romantic scenes together? Afterwards, Paul dropped by and we learn that through Hospital cameras picked up a terrified and injured Alice leaving the hospital. Do you think we will see her again?
County Connect is the LLC who rented the house, Paul informs them. What do you think Scott's lead could be, that the police don't have? Is he in danger, pursing it?

What do you think of Cane having Juliet move into the Chancellor Mansion, due to problems with her pregnancy? Lily has to go out of of town for business. She asked Cane(at the mansion) to watch the kids at home. But she was in for a big shock, to see Juliet living there. Lily was furious and wants him to sign the divorce papers. What do you think of Lily wanting revenge sex with a hot guy like Nick in the preview?

Great scenes with Paul and Jack. Nice bit of history as Jack mentioned that Paul would do have done anything for his Mother, Mary. Are you glad that Paul will do his best to help track down Dina?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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