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Philly Kaput, Lily on the Prowl? Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 24-Oct-2017 8:21:48 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nikki comforts Jack; Lily cuts loose; Billy scrambles to save his relationship with Phyllis.

We open with Phyllis yelling at Billy about his betrayal of her. Billy tries to break in to argue his case. She talks about him wanting Victoria and to stick it to his brother before her. She slaps him before leaving.

Mattie and Reed are watching a movie and Charlie interrupts their kiss. The doorbell rings. Guess who? Cane of course. He complains about Reed being there. Mattie tells him they have permission. From who? Mom, she answers.

Lily and Vic are talking when their phones ring simultaneously. It's Mattie! It's Reed! Guess who's coming for dinner?

Sharon and Scott are talking about the sex ring. Scott says they may have the info they need now.

Chelsea tells Nick that Vic had a car accident. Nick calls Vic who says she's OK. What? She was on the phone with Reed. Mystery solved-Reed walks in.

Meanwhile, Lily is at home and trying to explain the new rules to Cane. Lily tells the kids that Cane will be staying with them while she's out of town on business. They don't think they need supervision. After they leave, Cane tells Lily not to undermine him in front of Lily. Later Cane tries to reconnect with the kids. Lily says if he really wants that then he should let her see Reed. Cane says he's been a little over-protective. A little? asks Mattie. Mattie suggests having him over for dinner and he agrees. She hugs Cane.

Billy is pacing when Phyllis comes down. She said he put her career at risk. He says he compartmentalized. Phyllis pretends to accept it and then resumes howling at him. He says she lied to him too. She sat on the info on Jabot and let B& S fall apart.

Vic has been talking to Reed about Cane and reassures him. He leaves and Billy calls to alert her that they've been scammed about Jabot. Phyllis pitches a fit and kicks him out of their apartment.

Jack and Nikki are talking about Ashley and Dina. Jack says they still can't find Dina. Jack gets a phone call and asks if that means Dina's been found. It's Traci. No new info just touching base. Nikki says maybe Jack should stop looking-maybe Dina doesn't want to be found. Jack says that isn't the case. She was disgusted with him.

Lily heads to the UG for some drinking and tells Nick she wants revenge sex with a hot guy like him. Whattt? Nick is taken aback and then Chelsea enters so the convo is dropped.

Billy is banging on Phyllis's door and she opens up and throws his clothes at him.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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