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Framed and Toxic Thursday Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 26-Oct-2017 4:07:59 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victor receives a distress call; Victoria makes a startling connection; Dina surprises Jack and Ashley.

We open with Scott waking up in bloody clothes with a dead hooker. He phones Victor for help? Why? His stepfather is an attorney and it seems like he'd have better resources. Sharon is trying to get in touch with him. Later he gets Victor who suggests he call Michael. He explains he is an officer of the court. Victor agrees and makes a call.

Meanwhile, Victoria is being wheeled into the hospital. Victor asks Billy what he did to her. Nikki hopes she's OK. The doctor appears and Billy questions him. Victor jumps in and says the doc should report to him-Billy isn't a member of the family. The doctor asks about the car accident and Victor is surprised to learn he didn't even know about this.

Abby stops in Crimson Lights to get pastries for her family at the hospital and tells Sharon that her boyfriend needs to show up at Newman since Victor and she are otherwise occupied. Well, if her sleazy boyfriend wasn't framing him after killing a prostitute he would be there. After Abby arrives at the hospital, the family discusses her fall might be due to her earlier fall. Abby gasps -it could be her fault. Victor says she's not to blame. Nikki is PO'd at Victor jumping so quickly to her defense-calls him Dr. Newman. Abby delivers a speech that they all have to come together. Everyone agrees with her. Bleah! How does she get to be the VOR?

There is a knock on the door and cops including Paul rush in. So that's Victor's help. Scott says he had nothing to do with it.

Jack calls to have the jet fired up. On the way, Ashley and Jack discuss strategy.

Reed joins the family is very upset about his mother. Nick and Abby are talking privately. Nick says he's not Victor's son anymore. Nick asks Abby to distract by filling him in on her personal life. She talks about the success of her application-the one that's a cover for the prostitution ring-and she's in a relationship. In the meantime, that relationship is leaving town. Before he leaves, Paul questions him. Zack gives a phony story about Scott being drunk off his gourd and chasing after a blonde woman. Paul shows him a picture of Natalia and asks if that's her. Zack nods. How does Paul have a picture of her alive? Was she arrested in one of the stings? Paul should have figured out immediately that Zack was lying since he knew Scott was doing a story on the sex ring. Zack calls Abby and breaks up on his way out of town.

In Vic's room she wakes up and tells her family she wants everyone to leave so she can talk to Billy about how to salvage Brash and Sassy. The doctor comes in and says she's been exposed to toxic chemicals. She realizes it's in the facial masks. They're ready to launch. Billy says he'll pull all of them.

Sharon goes to the police station where she finds Scott. He is put in a jail cell.

Ashley and Jack find Dina in a facility drinking and yukking it up with two other women. (played by Kate Linderís mom, Molly Wolbeck and Tracey Bregmanís mother, Suzanne Lloyd).

Comments greatly appreciated.

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