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Monday, "Seriously, you hate Halloween?" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 30-Oct-2017 8:25:55 PM PDT
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I made a mistake, a big one Scott

ICAM! After telling Sharon to keep quiet, an idiotic Scott(who is an award winning investigative reporter) dropped major IQ's points today. He did it when he accused Zack of setting him up and was behind the sex ring. He played his hand too soon and now Zack knows he is on to him. Idiotic move. Will Zack try to kill Scott next?

BTW, do you hate Halloween like Scott does? Or love it?
Monday's recap here [link]
Do you like this new fast paced Y&R? Or are we missing important storyline beats?

Well, Jack continues to be thrown under the bus. Without proof, Billy, Victor and Victoria(who stupidly left the hospital) believe he poisoned the face masks with Gloria's help. I Hope Jack sues them for libel. But Brass and Sassy are in real trouble, because Victoria got the call that FDA wants to tests all their products. The real highlight was when Victoria told rambling Billy to shut up! Is this latest news, a death blow to B&S? Or will Victoria end up saving her company instead??

Dina did a 180 and was happy to see Jack and Ashley today in Florida. Did you enjoy Jack getting the upper hand over Graham, thanks to Michael's legal help? Have we seen the last of Graham? Will Dina turn against her children, after she learns Jack got rid of him?

What do you think of Cane letting Mattie and Charlie have a Halloween party?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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