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Halloween in Genoa City Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 01-Nov-2017 3:43:44 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Scott and Faith meet; Victor gives Nick bad news; Ashley updates Billy on her lab tests.

We open with Billy and Victor talking and Billy telling Victor that Jack is responsible for the mask sabotage. And how does he know that? Jack hasn't admitted to it and it isn't his type of revenge. Billy needs to STHU. Later Vic comes in and Billy offers money and Victor says it's not enough.

Meanwhile, Cane has created an elaborate Halloween room-greatly decorated. He should be a party planner. The twins and Reed come in and are taken aback. Reed and Cane exchange some jokes about each others' costumes. The party guests arrive and Cane leaves but peeks in on them and smiles. Mattie thinks the party is lame and Cane comes in and tells the kids to watch out for stains on the carpet.

Scott and Faith are introduced. At first it's awkward but Faith is impressed to learn he's a journalism. She asks if he's her mom's boyfriend and he says he is. She has a question for him and it appears she wants to face paint him. Nick, Chelsea and Adam's sons come in. Nick doesn't look happy about Faith interacting with Scott. Maybe he and Lauren should exchange complaints about this pairing and leave the rest of us out of it.

Ashley asks Jack if he's to blame for the mask and he denies it.

Devon and Mariah meet Tessa and Noah at the UG.

I missed a bunch of the show due to a newsbreak.
Will link to recaps and then resume:

The kids have fled to the Underground. Nick is there recalling Victor's words and lighting matches and blowing them out. After he goes, Reed checks and says the club is free. Unfortunately, it's not. Dina is there and lights Brent's picture on fire.

Scott and Sharon are visiting and he says Nick isn't wrong to worry-he isn't a danger to Faith and her but Zack is. He says she's the most important person to him.

Ashley tells Billy that it appears a foreign manufacturer was used for some of the mask ingredients and asks him what type of person would have rushed to get the product to market.

Dina leaves without realizing there's a fire. She returns home without Jack being aware she left. The Underground is ablaze.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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