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Monday, "Tell me, we are going to get this guy in time!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 06-Nov-2017 5:59:25 PM PST
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Iíll do my very best. Paul

I love that Paul is finally working with Scott and Sharon to take down Zack. Hopefully with Crystal's help, they are able to that. However, Abby already won the "idiot of the week" award, by asking Zack(a man she barely knows) to move in her. Of course, he agreed to do that. And Victoria's tainted face mask scandal will be nothing when she learns that she had NE invested in Zack's sex ring. Will she flee GC due to her big humilation? Will that be Abby's exit story?
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was good for you! So let's start our new week of Y&R
Monday's recap here [link]
Abby was right to be suspicious when Victoria was "visiting" Victor. They banter a bit, then Victoria goes into the office with their father. Abby is left in the cold. Later, Victoria played hardball with Victor, wanting to be a equal partner, the COO. I liked when Victor pointed out that Brass and Sassy "A company sinking faster than the Titanic" Also EB was in that movie. Victoria offers to walk away from B&S if he doesn't give into her demands. TGVN should have let her leave, because her and Billy drove the company into the ground. But instead he agrees to her terms and welcome her back to NE. She wants Brass and Sassy to look like a merger and will make the news public. He was amused by her power play and agrees. Victoria did do a smart thing by having lawyer draw up a contract for him to sign. What do you think of this new Victor and Victoria partnership? How will Abby react when she finds out?

Jack was a truly good man to pick up "hero" Billy at the hospital and take him to Phyllis. I'm glad she reminded that he betrayed and not buying his apology. Kudos to her for kicking him out of her life. Will it last? However, I wanted to smack Billy telling Jack that Phyllis was the woman for him, because she is the only one gets him, ugh. I'm glad Jack told him it was too soon. Jack rocked by telling Billy, he is better off without Phyllis.

Victoria drops by Abbott Manor to check on her "children's father". She wonders, if Jack would hire Billy at Jabot. Thank goodness, Jack stressed there is a limit to his generosity, due his illegal hacking of Jabot for B&S. Billy notes that Victoria turned things around with Brass and Sassy overnight. Ouch, when she said, maybe it all took was getting rid of him. Well, that's gratitude for this illegal activities that he did for her. Looks like Victoria is finally over him. Are you happy about it? Is Villy finally over?

Hilary tells Chelsea that she plans on exposing that user Jordan. Will Hilary respect Chelsea's wishes to keep her past in the past? Chelsea warns Jordan what Hilary is up to and tells him to shut it down. What do you think of Jordan threatening to expose her x-rated photos that he has copies?

Not to safe for Nick and Phyllis to have a heart to chat in the very unsafe Underground. Was fate telling Nick to move on from the Underground? Should Noah run the club on his own? Nick tells Chelsea later on that he was worried that he started the fire with the matches. No, but he foolishly left the pumpkin with the candle burning. But it was Dina who accidently did it. Do you think that the truth come out about that?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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