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Festive Demotion Party Planned Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 09-Nov-2017 3:29:16 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Victor makes a tough decision; Jack keeps the peace between Nikki and Dina; Neil takes on a new challenge.

We open in the waiting room of the hospital with Juliet on monitors going off. Lily and Cane are in the waiting room. When they wake, Lily says Juliet is in surgery but she has no details. Neil comes in and Juliet is shown with the doctor saying to prepare for an emergency C-section. Cane is calling her father. Later Hilary stops by wanting word on Juliet's condition. She spars with Lily and claims she's her best friend in town. Cane says he'll notify her.

Jordan comes into the Hilary Hour set and asks said Hilary what she did to him. She says what could her little vanity project do to him. He says he still has a job and she can't do much about it. She says not to be so sure. He leaves and Nikki comes in. She shows Nikki the pictures of her with Jack and says Jordan took them.

Victoria is at the AC. Jack comes in and says it's good that her mess is over and now that the product is off the shelf, he doesn't see any reason for the feds to investigate the line. She hugs him and asks for a favor. She wants out of their contract on the space at Abbott. Jack agrees and says she doesn't seem unhappy about losing her business. She says who says she's losing anything and takes off. She runs into Scott who asks about her going back to Newman. She says not to say anything.

Nikki is worried about Vic running the business without Billy. Victor thinks it will be fine without him.

Victor tells Abby he's hosting a party for her success with the dating app. She says Zach will be thrilled and he says the focus will be on her success. Vic comes in and Abby needles her about Brash and Sassy and flounces out. Vic tells Victor they have a problem-word has leaked and she doesn't want it to look like she's being bailed out by daddy(which she is). Victor fires their PR firm and asks Vic what do they do next. Neil is summoned. They want him for the announcement and he agrees if he gets a contract for all their business. Neil evidently has his "makeover" which consists of a new haircut and a sweater. He has the brilliant idea of using Abby's so-called party to make the announcement of a merger between Newman and Brash and Sassy. Vic says Abby will be fine since she's a team player. Bet she'll love being publicly demoted. This has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever but of course they think it's wonderful.

Abby runs into Dina at CL and invites her to "her party." She notices Dina is stuffing sugar packets in her purse. Abby also snips at Scott. I really hope they don't put these two together.

Nikki stops in to see Jack. Dina interrupts and tells them to get a room. She calls Nikki a "gyrating strumpet" and leaves for the AC to get a drink. She steals silverware while there.

Jordan stops by B&S while Vic is packing and wonders where they're going. She says he's going nowhere. She doesn't like his sleazy side jobs
like photographing her mother and fires him.

Juliet is undergoing surgery and the doctor says she thinks they should stop. She meets with Cane and Lily in the waiting room and gives them news(which we don't hear). Lily and Cane look somber and embrace.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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