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Among the Missing Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 14-Nov-2017 7:50:45 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Victor and Jack put their differences aside; Victoria is suspicious of Abby; Sharon worries about Scott's safety.

I haven't seen the whole show yet so offering these recaps:


What do you think of Victoria's behavior toward Abby's disappearance? She is getting more arrogant by the minute. Victoria is no more mature than Abby who is a spoiled brat. Also, I wonder when Scott rescues Abby if Victor will consider the debt for Scott's release paid in full. Did like it when Jack lit into Vic about her diverting attention toward her own scandals.

Dina's story seemed pretty convoluted...her children seemed more puzzled than alarmed by her tale. It seems she didn't realize or forgot that she was in the car with Abby and Zach. Too bad she didn't do a stabby routine with him.

Lauren continues to be high-handed toward Sharon. Didn't seem upset at all that he left alone and was following Abby and Scott-not Sharon. Rather tired hearing about Sharon kidnapping Christian from Sage. It sounds like she thinks Sharon deceived everyone from the beginning. Her situation is not that different from Ashley's with Faith and no one gets all over her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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