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It;s Now the Newman Way Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 15-Nov-2017 3:29:34 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Hilary comforts Cane; Lily is caught off guard; Victoria and Neil manage a crisis.
We open with Abby pounding on the storage room door. It wakes Scott and he tells her no one is coming. She thinks she's the biggest story in town and no one will stop looking for them. Paul stops by to see Sharon and tells her that there's no news on Scott.

Neil and Vic are conferring to try to contain the damage from the sex ring scandal. Lily comes in and Vic tells her it's not a good time. She says it's pretty important. Lily's salary has been cut and her benefits reduced. Vic says it's the standard package of Newman. Neil tries to intervene but gets cut off. Neil will think twice about ever bailing Vic out again. Hope he got his money back. Vic tells Lily it's now the Newman way. Vic babbles on about Juliet and Cane unaware that Juliet has died. Lily tells her she died-a few days ago. Vic leaves to make a call and Neil and Lily talk about Vic's new demeanor.

Hilary and Cane are talking about Juliet's service and how no one else showed up. Hilary sympathizes and calls Mattie to tell her Cane is at the AC in really bad shape. She tells Charlie and he says Cane has always been there for them.

Jack and Phyllis are talking about the sex ring and Phyllis is glad to see Victor plagued by scandal. Jack tells her about Abby being missing. Phyllis is sympathetic and suggests he tell his story a different way-i.e. Hilary Hour. Bad idea!

Back with Scott and Abby....she finds evidence of fake passports Zach has and says she can't believe how stupid she is. She tells Scott it's his turn to tell her how dumb she was. He doesn't and is having flashbacks to his time in captivity. Abby is sympathetic and talks him down. They hold hands.

Phyllis confers with Hilary and is surprised to learn Juliet died. Hilary says that she pressed her to file the sexual harassment suit and wasn't a good friend to her. Finally some truth. Talk turns to Billy; Phyllis thinks maybe their attraction was just wanting some drama.

The twins stop by to see Cane. They try to get him to eat and he says he's not hungry. Charlie blames himself for not noticing earlier that Juliet was in trouble.

Jack and Dina go to CL and Sharon asks if there's any word on Abby. Dina has no idea she's missing and asks for information. After Dina learns about it, she's really upset. Sharon wordlessly signals to Paul that she's sorry as she leaves. She runs into Paul who says they may have gotten a lead on Scott. Dina tells Jack that Abby adored that boy. Jack leaves to talk to Paul and Sharon questions Dina about where she was and she mentions Roadside.

Neil and Vic are discussing how to handle the sex ring publicity. Lily is appalled about Vic's attitude toward her sister and tells her so. Later Vic comes up with a terse statement throwing Abby under the bus and saying nothing like this will ever happen again.

The episode ends with Abby and Scott kissing.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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