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Thursday, "What the hell happened here?" Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 16-Nov-2017 8:52:52 PM PST
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Where are Scott and Abby now?

Probably at that motel, that Zack uses. Paul and Sharon got there too late, at the roadside storage. Big thanks to Dina, who remembered being in the car with Abby and Zack. Kudos to Sharon for convincing Paul to talk to her.

However, big thumbs downs to Abby and Scott having sex. Then returning back to their annoying bantering. Ugh! Poor Sharon. I hope she dumps him, when she finds out the truth. Do you think that Scott will confess to Sharon that he cheated on her with Abby?
Thursday recap here [link]
FYI: Naomi Judd was the caller, "Connie Wood" on Hilary Hour today. What do you think about Jordan and Chelsea's secret that they were scamming elderly women? Will Nick ends things with Chelsea over learning this news?

What do you think about Billy renting the apartment next to Phyllis' and purposely playing loud music to annoy her?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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