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Monday, "We have to tell the rest of the family!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 20-Nov-2017 8:02:17 PM PST
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How do we tell our mother she has Alzheimers? Jack

Anyone have the feeling that Dina already knows she has it? That's why she came back to GC, to make things right with her kids, before it's too late. PB and ED just superb today with their very pained raw emotional performance. Jack and Ashley had very realistic arguments about what to do with Dina next. Either plan to take care of her always at home or start looking to put in a facility, in the future. Ashley made a good point, when she talked about the emotional toll it takes on the family members when dealing with a parent that has Alzhemiers. Excellent scenes with the Abbott siblings today. And it will be heartbreaking to tell the rest of the family this bad news. I loved Jack and Ashley holdings hand as the episode ended today. What a strong bond they have. It is sad, they will slowly lose their mother, that they barely got back.
Welcome back from the weekend. We have a short week(3 days) of Y&R due to Thanksgiving on Thursday. There is a change of schedule for the post this week. Nancy will do Tuesday as usual. And Wednesday will be the "Free For All" Post, that I will do
Monday recap here [link]
Were you surprised that it was Crystal that saved Abby/Scott lives by killing Zack? How did she knows, that he was there? Where did she get the gun? Now she is MIA. And now, she is wanted by the police. But she killed him in self defence, hopefully that will be considered.

What do you think of Lauren and Sharon only calling a truce when hell freezes over?

Did you like that Victor put spoiled Abby in her place by pointing she isn't as experienced as much as Victoria. Then pointing out that her involvement in Zack's sex ring, has hurt the company. The FBI has seized the NEs computers, frozen their assets. He can't pay his employees right now. But the most responsibility Abby took, that she won't let it happen again. Ugh. Let's not forget that she went behind his back, to get this project started. Abby is just mad, because she didn't get off the hook. And also, let's face it, Victor's investors did a crappy job, checking Zack out. But as much TGVN tries, he can't make this go away. Paul told Neil, that NE will be implicated in this sex ring case.

So are you disappointed in Scott that he wants to keep his one night stand with Abby a secret and not tell Sharon?

Good talk with Mariah and Sharon. I really liked when Sharon told her to stop leading Devon on, after learning that Tessa asked her to back off. Do you think that Mariah will do that?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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