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Monday, "The weapon that killed Zack!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 27-Nov-2017 8:10:51 PM PST
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It belongs to a Newman! Paul.

So from Tuesday's preview, it looks like Tessa stole the gun from Nikki. Then her sister used it, to kill Zack. So what do you think of this latest development?

Welcome back from weekend. Hope your Thanksgiving was good, if you celebrated it. Let's start our last week of November of Y&R.
Monday recap here [link]
I found it ridiculous that Brent Davis' photo survived the fire. But it was a plot driven writing to point the finger toward Dina(which Victor did to Nick) Nick should have had security cameras that showed Dina was at the Underground. It was heartbreaking when Dina realized that she might have caused the fire(which wasn't arson) and broke down in Jack's arms. BTW, Jack needs to listen to Nikki and get professional home care for Dina. He can not take of her, by himself. And finally great acting by PB and MA today!

And what happened with New Orleans with Philly and Chick, can stay there. I don't really want to know. How about you? But it was obvious, Nick and Chelsea truly didn't enjoy hanging out those "reckless older teenagers", especially Billy.
So what grade would you give today's episode? Did you have any favorite moments? Anything you disliked?


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