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Fallout Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 29-Nov-2017 8:04:21 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Chelsea jeopardizes her relationship with Victor; Sharon is suspicious of Scott and Abby; Hillary is exposed.

We open with Vic complaining to Noah about Abby's press conference. Noah is somewhat understanding of Abby wanting to defend herself. Noah doesn't get her defending Scott-he thought she hated him. Vic says Abby will have to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, Scott is apologizing to Sharon for missing her dinner. Sharon puts the blame on Abby and her drama. Scott offers to take her to the Top of the Tower. The doorbell rings-it's Abby. She and Scott are discussing his story. Sharon has to leave for work.

Hilary is taking calls from outraged advertisers. Chelsea enters and chides her. Hilary says it was art.

Paul stops by to tell Nick that Dina was responsible but there won't be charged. Before he can finish, Nick starts howling about special treatment for the Abbotts and Chelsea returns and joins in. Paul interrupts their complaining to tell them Dina has Alzheimer's.

Hilary stops by CL and Sharon offers her a pot of coffee and Hilary offers her snipping. Sharon tells her she doesn't get attitude in her own business and sympathizes with her treatment. She offers helpline resources and Hilary says she's nobody's victim. She gets a call from Devon and has a proposal for him. He meets her at CL and talks to Sharon about how Mariah is doing. They both wish the best for each other. Hilary wants Devon to have her join her media empire. They are interrupted by Charlie and a friend laughing at her online photos. Devon goes over and tells them to act more respectful with Hilary right there. He asks them to leave. He tells Hilary he isn't interested. His stuff is just getting started and the Hilary Hour is in to gossip. Hilary reacts badly and starts yelling and then collapses as Devon holds her.

Abby and Scott go to see Victor and instead Vic says he's out of town and she'll meet with them. Abby's up first and says she'll save her the trouble of firing her by quitting. When Scott sees her, he also plans to quit and she offers him a severance check. While he starts to leave, Vic gets a call from a Communications Company and asks him to stay. She ends up offering to keep Hashtag open and gives him a raise. When Abby finds out she's mad-she thought they were both supposed to leave together.

Sharon arrives at the Top of the Tower and talks to Noah. She is really dressed well. Scott arrives and complements her. They sit down and prepare to order when Abby comes in. Scott tells Sharon that he needs to talk to her-they left in a bad place.

Hilary tells Devon she didn't like being exposed and doesn't like that she made others feel that way. Devon says she can turn things around.

Chelsea gets an invitation to a tree lighting ceremony from Victor. She and the boys are invited but not Nick. She says they'll have their own festivities.

Back at TOT, Sharon watches Scott and Abby. Noah asks her where's her date and she points to Abby and him. Sharon wonders if Abby is interested in him. Noah thinks not but if she is, she won't get anywhere since Scott is crazy about Sharon. She decides it's time to let him know she feels that way.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give a grade for today's show.

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