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Remembering Christmas Pasts Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 30-Nov-2017 7:57:05 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Cane receives devastating news; Jack shares a warm moment with Dina; Ashley makes a surprising move.

Hilary calls Jack and talks to Gloria who says he's on a leave. Hilary figures he'll come in for messages. They snip at each other and Gloria mentions the nude photos before hanging up. Mariah tells her that some of their sponsors are backing out and Hilary makes excuses. Charlie comes into to apologise for looking at the pictures. She says she'll recover her show and Mariah is on board with it.

Jack is busy with Christmas preparation. He has a large tree delivered. Dina puts a damper on things by saying she didn't decorate-she threw parties while the help decorated. She gets frustrated with Jack's decorating and leaves.

Ashley heads into Jack's office and has a conflict with Gloria who reminds her Jack will be back. Ashley fires off orders and Gloria has a hard time with the changes. Ravi comes in and helps Ashley. Phyllis comes in for a meeting. Ashley ends up throwing everyone out.

Lily and Charlie meet up and she's disappointed in him laughing at Hilary's nude photos. Charlie points out that she doesn't like her. She tells him about ending up with an STD(from Kevin? wasn't watching then). They talk about Cane.

Lily and Cane meet at Crimson Lights. They talk about Charlie and Lily asks about Sam. He says Esther is putting the nursery together. Charlie gets an emergency call about Sam and leaves.

Dina comes into find a beautifully decorated house. Turns out Jack got Mrs. Martinez to finish which they'll keep secret. Ashley returns and admires the house but tells Jack he'll get a lump of coal from him. She's mad because he still seems to be staying involved instead of letting her run things. Ashley texts Abby to meet for dinner but she has other plans. She texts Ravi and tells him to meet her in a hotel room with just his toothbrush.

Dina is looking at the tree and remembering making an ornament with Jack. She wants him to remember that when her memory goes that she'll always love him.

Lily catches up with Cane at the hospital; Sam's medicine isn't working and he's told to prepare for the worst.

Comments greatly appreciated-feel free to give a grade for today's show.

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